Nathan Griffith Shares His Feelings on Jenelle Evans's Pregnancy

He's clearly not impressed. Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith has finally commented on Jenelle Evans's pregnancy, after remaining noticeably mum on the subject. Jenelle revealed that she's pregnant with her third child a few weeks ago, this time with boyfriend David Eason.


Jenelle is also mom to 7-year-old Jace, and she shares 2-year-old Kaiser with Griffith. This will be her first daughter, and she's been widely criticized for getting pregnant so soon after she and David started dating.

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She's also been accused of lying about when she got pregnant, as well as having had a previous miscarriage. Last May, she denied the pregnancy rumors. Nate shared a screen shot of one of her denials, along with a picture of her obviously pregnant.

If she's due in January (as she claims), then she was definitely pregnant in May. That's just pregnancy math for you. In addition to that, some critics have also called her out for lying about having a miscarriage in April.

While we can't know if Jenelle was telling the 100 percent truth when she said she wasn't pregnant, it's entirely possible. Lots of women get pregnant within weeks of a miscarriage, and if she conceived in early May, she'd be due in January. Since it takes a couple of weeks to know if you're knocked up, there's no way she could have known she was pregnant when she denied the rumors.

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Either way, it's kind of sad that Nate would take the time and energy to slam the mother of his child and call her a liar. Why not just say "congrats" and move on, if he was going to say anything at all? Oh yeah, because he's Nate.

For some reason we doubt that Jenelle will let it bother her.


Image via nathanjgriffith/Instagram

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