Jenelle Evans Ripped Apart for Daring to Be a Hot Mama

Forget about a fan club -- this girl pretty much has a hate club. Jenelle Evans posted a throwback photo of her pre-pregnancy body, and while there were a number of positive comments, we couldn't believe how many people took the opportunity to rag on her.


The Teen Mom 2 star posted this pic on Instagram on Wednesday, captioning it, "#ThrowBack to a year ago. Can't wait until I'm this ripped again. #FitMomma #Reminiscing"

Girlfriend looks amazing! Of course now she's a little softer around the edges, considering that she's expecting her third child this January. It's her first daughter, and first baby with boyfriend David Eason, but she also has Jace, 7, with Andrew Lewis, and Kaiser, 2, with Nathan Griffith.

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Because she has three children with three dads, people feel the need to harshly judge her. One commenters vulgarly shared, "Always bending over!!" Another wrote, "Maybe if you stop having children you don't really want, with every man you meet, then you could keep your body however you like."

Ugh! People say the meanest things! And it's extra cruel to say that Jenelle doesn't want the kids she already has. She's been involved in a years-long custody battle with her mom Barbara over Jace (after she signed over custody as a young, irresponsible teen), and has kept nearly sole custody of Kai (Nathan only has visitation). Sounds like she sure does want those kiddos, and loves being their mom.

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Yes, Jenelle has a party girl past, but she has seriously turned her life around, and she's making the best of it. Her kids are happy, healthy, and loved, and she seems like she's in a really good place. Why would anyone want to knock her down from that?

Because haters got to hate, that's why.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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