Evan Bass's Ex-Wife Throws Him Under the Bus Yet Again

He may not have been a fan favorite on Bachelor in Paradise, but these days, Evan Bass has a lot to celebrate -- especially his engagement to Carly Waddell. But someone is ready to burst his bubble and hit him where it hurts most -- his parenting skills. Evan Bass's ex-wife recently called him a deadbeat dad, and what she has to say about him since their split is not good.


In an interview with Hollywood Life, Evan's ex, Marie, admitted to calling Evan a "deadbeat dad" in a Facebook post she's since deleted. And while she didn't mean it in a financial sense -- according to Marie herself, he never misses a child support payment -- she is upset that he never sees their three children.

Marie said: 

He was gone for almost 9 weeks filming The Bachelorette and didn't see them at all. And then, he would see them maybe a day a week, maybe a day and half. And we had 50/50 custody so technically he was supposed to be seeing them every other week for the whole week, but he never did that until Bachelor in Paradise. 

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Once filming for that was over, Marie says he's been seeing his sons as per their custody agreement, so it's all good now -- but she added that it was a really difficult time for her and the boys and that Evan only called them twice during BiP filming.

"It was close to the worst time in my life, it was terrible, really, really, really bad," Marie said. "It took a lot for me to get through it for sure." 

Hopefully, now that Evan's settled down with Carly and out of the reality love circuit, he'll be able to spend as much time with his kids as he's supposed to. After all, they need their dad in their lives -- and maybe a new stepmom? Evan and Carly are still going strong, so we'll have to wait and see! 


Image via theebass/Instagram 

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