Adam Lind Basically Ignored Daughter Aubree's Birthday


Recently, one of our very favorite Teen Mom kiddos celebrated her seventh birthday, and it sounds like her dad wasn't even around to witness it. Apparently Adam Lind skipped out on Aubree's birthday and didn't even throw her a party this year. Ouch! 


According to a report from Radar Online, Adam wasn't involved in Aubree's big day at all. It's not surprising he wouldn't want to attend the bash his ex, Chelsea Houska, threw for their daughter, but sources close to the family add that he didn't even seem to have anything planned himself. 

So this year, instead of cake and hanging out with friends and family, he took her on a shopping spree instead. 

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We have to admit, it sounds like a kid's dream to be set loose in a toy store to pick out anything he or she wanted. Actually, it sounds like a dream we'd like to live right now. But is it the same as a thought-out birthday celebration? No, especially since it seems like this is something Adam may have thrown together at the last minute instead of figuring out what to buy his daughter himself. 

The good news? Aubree got her shopping spree and a superhero-themed birthday party thrown by her mom and her stepdad-to-be, Cole. There are definitely worse problems to have, and Aubree's a very lucky kid! We're jealous. 

But we're keeping an eye on Adam. He better not let this precious girl down -- she doesn't deserve that! 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram 

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