Evan Bass's Ex-Wife Has Zero Faith in His Relationship With Carly Waddell

Bachelor in Paradise might be over for the season, but a lot of relationships have just begun, and one of the most surprising parts of the season was finding out that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are engaged. But what if their relationship doesn't last? Evan Bass's ex-wife thinks he and Carly will never get married -- shocker or not? 


In an interview with Hollywood Life, his ex, Marie, revealed that she doesn't exactly have a ton of faith in Evan's new relationship -- even though they're already engaged. Apparently, even though Marie thinks they're good together, she doesn't think it'll last.

She told the site: 

Evan and Carly seem to be a good pair. But I cannot see Evan remarried, I cannot. If he marries her, it will surprise me for sure. I wish nothing but the best for Evan. I want him to find happiness and if Carly is for him, then great. I wish them the best and I hope it all works out.

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Hmm. We wonder why she's so skeptical of Evan's getting married again after their split? She didn't share too many details about her thought process, but she did mention how surprised she was that Evan took the reality show route to finding love. 

She added: 

I didn't think he would go [on Bachelor in Paradise] because I thought he would have more character, than to go on the sleazy TV show. Money does talk and I was upset that he went 'cause he was going to be away from the kids again and it was stressful and he knew how hard of a time I had with the first filming and he didn't care, he went anyway.

Yikes! Sounds like there's definitely still some unresolved anger between these two. Hopefully, everything works out for the best, and Carly and Evan get to live happily ever after like the two weirdos in love they were on BIP


Image via carlywad/Instagram

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