Jimmy Fallon Defends His 'Softball' Trump Interview & You Know What? I Get It

Jimmy Fallon hosting Donald Trump

Never in a million years could we have anticipated the day where Jimmy Fallon would be a controversial topic -- at least not when it involved his hosting duties. Nonetheless, that's probably why the age-old saying "never say never" is still in play. After his "softball" interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Jimmy has been deemed just that -- controversial -- by quite a few. However, Fallon wants to subtly remind you of one tidbit: He's Jimmy f**king Fallon, and with that comes the responsibility of being the jokester that he is. 


Okay, so that's not exactly his wording. But here's what he had to say to TMZ in response to the criticism: "Have you seen my show? I'm never too hard on anyone." 

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During the interview, Fallon interacted the same way that he has with any other person who has been on in the past -- in a way that falls in line with The Tonight Show's legacy. No, he didn't ask the hard-hitting questions. Instead, he combed his hand through Trump's hair. He was goofing around, and seriously -- I'm okay with that.

While some may feel that any and everyone with a platform should act as the voice of reason behind politics, I don't think that should be put on anyone. After all, the guy's contract isn't for a "hardball" newsy kind of show, and it wouldn't be fair to hold him responsible for suddenly giving you that type of news.

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By no means am I implying that I support Trump in any capacity -- just that I support Fallon's decision to remain publicly neutral in the midst of this election. And I'm thoroughly convinced that there's no satisfying the public -- had Fallon been unbiased or made his views on either candidate known, then we'd have something to say as well. 

Would the public be this outraged if this same interview were conducted with Hillary? Probably not. And, I say that fully aware that Fallon actually did interview Clinton ... and the fact that it doesn't seem to have been met with even half the criticism is glaring. No, Clinton hasn't done or said the same terrible things Trump has. But Fallon approached both interviews the same way, and I can respect that.

During Hillary's time on the show, the two joked about his interview with Trump by exchanging a bag of softballs (get it) that were "a gift" to Trump, from Fallon, that he left behind in the dressing room. There was, of course, still zero traces of hard-hitting journalism present during her time on the show. 

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All I'm saying here is that with Jimmy Fallon -- a comedian -- what you get is what you see. He uses his platform for exactly what it's meant for ... comedy. It's often said that comic relief is necessary in times of depression, and since one might argue that Trump's running is quite depressing, we need Fallon more than ever.

So with that said, I appreciate that I can consistently turn to Tonight for a conversation that isn't that serious. If you want serious, there's always CNN -- the channel for 24 hours of political discussions. 


Images via Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

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