Farrah Abraham Gets Put in Her Place Over Boyfriend Simon Saran

If you've been waiting for someone to tell Farrah Abraham that maybe she shouldn't treat on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran with such contempt, then this week's episode of Teen Mom OG was for you.


Farrah and Simon went to see Dr. Jenn Mann (of VH1's Couples Therapy, because of course only a celeb therapist is good enough for Farrah), who brought Farrah to tears by pointing out that maybe she shouldn't be so mean to her boyfriend.

"The footage that I have seen of the way you talk to him, no man in his right mind will stick around," she explained. In all fairness, she also told Simon to stop being an emotionally unavailable dick to Farrah and her family (basically), and then pretty much suggested that they deserved each other. Go. Dr. Jenn.

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On the other end of the relationship spectrum were Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra, who have been dealing with physical separation due to her stint in a treatment center for depression and anxiety. Ty got to take their toddler daughter Nova to visit, and while cameras weren't allowed inside the facility, it was obviously an emotional visit for the couple. 

Ty revealed that he's been feeling "frazzled and fragile" while Cate recovers, especially since she's been experience withdrawal from pot, and has become somewhat paranoid that he's going to leave her. "I'm never gonna leave you," he reassured her, and we all melted because he's such an awesome partner. Ty also got some good advice from his mom to take care of himself too, and not neglect his own needs. After all, you can't help someone if you can't take care of yourself.

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Over in Amber Portwood's neck of the woods, she and fiancé Matt Baier bought a house in the swankiest neighborhood in Indianapolis -- a fact which made Amber incredibly self-conscious. She said she was so poor growing up that they didn't even have hot water, and it's nerve-racking to live across the street from a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Gary Shirley decided to surprise his wife Kristina with a re-commitment ceremony on the beach. It was totally sweet and sappy, and even Leah told Kristina that she means "everything" to her. Awww!

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Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney hit a major snag in their wedding planning when it looked like their dream venue fell through. They found the perfect place for a destination wedding, but the price was too steep. After attempting to negotiate over email and hearing nothing back, Maci decided to let the dream go, and let them know they were no longer interested.

Lo and behold, all of a sudden the venue cut them a major deal, and the wedding is back on. Now they just have to edit their invite list ... but one person that will likely be there is Maci's ex Ryan Edwards. Not only did Taylor say that he thinks it's important for Bentley, Ry joked with his parents that he was crashing it if he didn't get an invite. Now that's something we want to see.


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