Adam Lind's Child Support Payments Make Us Cringe

Seriously? What does this guy have to complain about? Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind's child support payments to Chelsea Houska were recently revealed, and for the amount of griping that he does, we were shocked to see exactly how low the amount actually is.



We don't know the exact amount that the Teen Mom stars make per episode, but they seem to be pretty well compensated. MTV keeps their salaries under wraps, but reports have leaked that the girls on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 each make at least several hundred thousand per season.

Granted, the dads make less, but when you're talking a quarter of a million dollars or more for each of the main girls, how little do you think MTV shells out to the guys like Adam? Not to mention the social media endorsements and appearance fees.

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Given that Adam Lind notoriously "quit" the show last season, but of course is now reportedly back, we figure that MTV made it worth his while, financially speaking. 

Which is why Radar Online's report that Lind only pays $945 a month for child support for Aubree is that much more disconcerting. He also reportedly pays $1,203 a month to Taylor Halbur, the mother of his second daughter, Paislee.

That hardly seems unreasonable considering that Adam likely makes well over six digits annually, and could make more if he took some time away from the gym to get another job. Just saying.

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It's weird that Adam complains so readily about the amount that he has to pay, and even frequently misses his payments. Did we say weird? We meant sad. It's sad.

We just hope that Aubree and Paislee don't catch wind of what a cheapskate their dad is. No kid wants to feel like a burden to his or her parents, and when Adam so openly complains about paying child support, the only people he's really hurting are his daughters.


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