Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Doesn't Deserve Your Hate

What is wrong with the world? Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia was recently slammed online, after a cheerleading video was posted to her Instagram account.


Okay, try to hold back the judgment that Sophia even has an Instagram account, because 7-year-olds can't control when their parents set up social media pages in their names. It's unclear whether Soph manages the account, or even knows about about it, but someone posts on it regularly. 

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A few days ago, a cute vid of Soph cheerleading was posted, and some people had the gall to post vicious comments on it! Like references to sucking off the football team. Yeah, that happened.

First Game! #cheer #football #cheerleader @farrah__abraham

A video posted by SophiaLAbraham (@sophialabraham) on

Other people criticized her lipstick, her hair, and even her voice. Numerous others called her a brat, but apparently thought it was okay because it's all Farrah's fault she's a brat. What are people thinking? She is a child.

Farrah has certainly made some questionable parenting choices, like waxing her 3-year-old's eyebrows, or allowing Soph to wear makeup to elementary school, or having the Tooth Fairy leave $600 ... but how is any of that the little girl's fault?

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Someday Soph will have to forge her own path in life, and decide who she wants to be, but for now, she's just along for the Farrah ride, and there's not a dang thing she can do about it. People would be wise to remember that before they resort to insulting a child.


Image via sophialabraham/Instagram

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