29 TV Couples Whose Romances We're More into Than Our Own

Kiarra Sylvester | Sep 16, 2016 TV

Luke and Lorelai

As a TV fanatic, I can undoubtedly say that the one thing I invest in more than any show itself is the web of love circles and triangles that tend to take over shows season after season, show after show. I always get hopelessly involved with the intimate goings-on of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) TV couples, and I end up caring about them more than my own romantic life. Which is saying a lot -- I'm pretty involved in the overthinking process that is my romantic life. 

While it seems a bit obsessive, after truly mulling it over, I thought about the many couples who've portrayed love on the small screen over the past decade or so and decided I'm probably not alone. There's a good chance that many of you have found yourselves equally invested in at least a handful of these 29 TV romances. Sure, you weren't always rooting for them -- sometimes you needed them to finally just call it quits. But, for better or for worse, you were invested and determined to see it through until the end. 


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  • Chuck & Blair in 'Gossip Girl'


    Are they Gossip Girl's most notorious couple? Very likely. No matter how you felt about Chuck or Blair on an individual basis, you have to admit you couldn't deny their crazed love for each other -- a love bonded by scheming, as Blair pointed out countless times over the course of their romance. 

  • Rafael & Jane in 'Jane the Virgin'


    Jane the Virgin fans are either Team Rafael or Team Michael, but I stand firmly behind Jane and Rafael. What is it going to take for us to get a continuation of their adorable love story?? Michael's death? Here I am, still holding on to hope for Jane and Rafael (along with Rafael) -- and hoping it's not too late for them, because at the very least, he doesn't pretend to be perfect in the way that Michael does.

  • Elena & Damon in 'The Vampire Diaries'


    Ever since we got confirmation that Elena's coming back for the final season of The Vampire Diaries, all we want is Delena to make it to the show's finale. Put away your dreams of Bonnie and Damon or any other crazy shipping ideas you may have -- this only ends one way for me and it's with Damon getting the girl. Through it all, he deserves to be loved. Seriously. 

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  • Owen & Amelia in 'Grey's Anatomy'


    For those who've been following Grey's Anatomy from day one, you probably rooted for Owen and Christina once upon a time. But that would never have worked -- Christina was only rooting for her career. That's totally cool, but it means we want nothing more for Owen than for him to get his happy ending. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing it happen with Amelia. They both have a lot going on, but I really do feel that their being together is right for them.  

  • Niklaus & Caroline in 'The Vampire Diaries'


    The possibility of these two hasn't totally crumbled for us yet. Even if their fleeting romance took place on The Vampire Diaries, which is coming to an end this fall, we're optimistic that Caroline will head to New Orleans (where the spin-off The Originals is set) and give fans what they really want. We all know there's no one who impacts Klaus the way Caroline does -- not even Cami. Sorry not sorry. 

  • Carrie & Big in 'Sex and the City'


    Sex and the City fans have always been torn about whether Carrie should've ended up with John (aka Big) or Aiden, but here's the thing: She was never going to love Aiden the way that he deserved. So as sweet as he was, I always rooted for Carrie and Big. Also, her tough decision to choose Big over Aiden was far more relatable than the fairy-tale ending with Aiden would have been. We tend to push the good guys away, and like it or not, Big was bad. But that just made their relationship more relatable.

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  • Rachel & Finn in 'Glee'


    Until Cory Monteith's tragic death, I had the most possible hope that Glee's Finn and Rachel would end up together. Their relationship was the underdog of television shippings, and against all odds -- slushies in the face and all -- they nearly ended up together. 

  • Hayley & Elijah in 'The Vampire Diaries'


    I'll be the first to admit there's something a wee bit disturbing about the possibility of these two, since Hayley has Elijah's brother's baby. But at least it's not one of the brothers he despises. And anyway, who am I (or you) to judge them? Not to mention, Elijah gave up a lot and he deserves a real shot at happiness. We just hope that happiness won't get him daggered and Klaus has truly given his blessing. Otherwise, it'll be a bloodbath. 

  • Jake & Olivia in 'Scandal'


    Sorry if you've been pulling for Olivia and Fitz, but I'm not here for it. Their love is far too toxic. For whatever reason (probably her complicated daddy issues), Olivia has a bad habit of picking the most lethal guys. Jake is the perfect balance. He's not a pushover, and he genuinely loves her. So my vote goes to Olivia and Jake chasing the sun. Every time.

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  • Allison & Emily in 'Pretty Little Liars'


    In Pretty Little Liars, Allison and Emily's love story is as unique as it gets since for most of their on-again, off-again relationship, Allison was allegedly dead -- until she wasn't. Nonetheless, this was Emily's first love. We're not really sure where they go in the future, but here's to hoping.

  • Luke & Lorelai in 'Gilmore Girls'


    When Gilmore Girls ended, we weren't positive that Luke and Lorelai were getting back together -- we just had a small inkling and a whole lot of hope. However, now that the reboot is coming to Netflix in November, all of our questions (and dreams) will be addressed. We're expecting wedding bells (finally) and won't accept anything less. 

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  • Rosewood & Annalise in 'Rosewood'


    The situationship that Annalise and Rosie have in Rosewood is one of the toughest ones to watch -- it's the greatest tease of all time. There's no real reason we want them together ... except the tension and teasing is getting to be too much for us. It's time to make your moves, damn it! And no reneging. Don't fight the chemistry!

  • Kevin & Winnie in 'Wonder Years'


    Wonder Years was a major coming of age hit and many of us grew up with Kevin (even if we were just watch