29 TV Couples Whose Romances We're More into Than Our Own

Luke and Lorelai

As a TV fanatic, I can undoubtedly say that the one thing I invest in more than any show itself is the web of love circles and triangles that tend to take over shows season after season, show after show. I always get hopelessly involved with the intimate goings-on of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) TV couples, and I end up caring about them more than my own romantic life. Which is saying a lot -- I'm pretty involved in the overthinking process that is my romantic life. 


While it seems a bit obsessive, after truly mulling it over, I thought about the many couples who've portrayed love on the small screen over the past decade or so and decided I'm probably not alone. There's a good chance that many of you have found yourselves equally invested in at least a handful of these 29 TV romances. Sure, you weren't always rooting for them -- sometimes you needed them to finally just call it quits. But, for better or for worse, you were invested and determined to see it through until the end. 


Image via Patrick Ecclesine/Warner Bros/Getty

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