Farrah Abraham's Latest Plastic Surgery Consult Is All Kinds of Ridiculous

If there are two things this girl loves to do, it's go on TV and have plastic surgery consultations. So why not do both at once? Farrah Abraham was on The Doctors recently to discuss her butt -- or, more specifically, how to enhance it. Because apparently Farrah is never going to be done modifying what God and her mother gave her.


The Teen Mom OG star went on the popular daytime talk show recently to discuss (among other things) getting her derriere surgically enhanced. Farrah's undergone so many cosmetic procedures that we can't quite recall if she's ever had work done on her ass, but regardless, she's not happy with where it is now

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Farrah explained to the doc, "I wanted to see what could we do to get my butt where we want it to be," as if everyone has as vested an interest in her rear end as she does. We want your butt to stay off camera, Farrah. Just saying. 

Anyway, the doc carefully told her, "It's all about proportions ... And we know that you're a curvy woman. Let me take a look and I'll give you an honest opinion and we'll talk about what our options are."

He was also careful not to point out that Farrah's curves are the result of numerous other plastic surgeries, because he's obviously a man who values his emotional well-being, and doesn't want to incite the notoriously volatile reality star.

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Our favorite part was learning that Farrah reportedly undergoes a full psychological evaluation during the episode, because apparently that will be enough to fix whatever is warped in her brain that makes her think she needs so much surgery in order to feel pretty.

Seriously. Farrah already has a great ass, and the last thing she needs is to have work done on it.


Image via farrah_abraham/Instagram

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