Farrah Abraham Continues to Defend Her 7-Year-Old's Makeup Habit

She's definitely known for making controversial parenting choices. Farrah Abraham was under fire once again for letting Sophia wear makeup to school, this time on The Doctors.


The Teen Mom OG star apparently decided to open herself up for more criticism by appearing on the national daytime talk show, where her rear end was basically handed to her because she doesn't see anything wrong with sending her 7-year-old to school with a face full of makeup.

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One of the docs on the panel brought up the recent argument that Farrah had with Sophia's elementary school principal about the tot wearing makeup to school. Farrah responded that she doesn't "encourage" her daughter to doll herself up, but she's not about to put a stop to it either. "That's just something she likes to do," she explained. "If she wants to wear makeup it's not a huge deal."

Fellow panelist Dr. Jennifer Berman wholeheartedly disagreed with the reality star, pointing out, "She's learning it from you, I hate to tell you." Berman also pointed out that she doesn't even like to see her 13-year-old wearing mascara, let alone the anything on her skin.

One of the doctors pointed out that the chemicals in the makeup could be harmful for Soph's skin, but Farrah just said she was aware of that and dismissed the concern. She said, "I love my daughter how she is. I'm not going to change her. But I'm not going to let her feel that makeup is needed every day. There's a balance."

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We're sure that a mom who waxed her 3-year-old's eyebrows knows all about balance when it comes to letting a 7-year-old wear makeup. But at the end of the day, Farrah knows what's really important -- that she's an amazing parent.

When asked if she could take accountability for anything, Farrah responded, "Yes. I'm an amazing parent. That's what I take accountability for." At least Sophia has a mom who loves her. That's about the best we can say about that.


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