Farrah Abraham Is a Glutton for Punishment When It Comes to Relationships

It seems like she sort of brings it upon herself sometimes. On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham invited her on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon on her Hawaiian vacation, and absolutely no one was shocked when they ended up doing nothing but bickering and awkwardly avoiding each other.


Farrah invited Simon despite their big blowup during last week's episode, when she decided that he wasn't attentive enough to her family, and especially her daughter, Sophia, during an Easter party.

That scene ended with Farrah kicking Simon out of the house, and even leaving his suitcase in her driveway, so we had to wonder why she would invite him to come stay with her entire extended family on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Really, the whole thing was as confusing as when Farrah wondered how all the water in the ocean stayed in the ocean, since it had to be heavier than gravity. Because that actually happened too. Have we mentioned that we can't get enough Farrah? Anyway, she tried to explain the reasoning behind inviting Simon, but honestly, we were still kind of confused.

"Simon always wants to go on trips with us," Farrah revealed, as if that should be enough of a reason. Unfortunately, she also said, "He kind of broke up the whole good vibes of Hawaii and just made it turn sour."

We'd like to take the opportunity to point out that both her mom, Debra Danielson, and dad, Michael Abraham, warned her that it was a bad idea to invite him.

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But the big question -- after Farrah admitted that Simon ruined the trip and turned it sour, would she do it again? She left us with this pearl: "I think Simon is always just super negative during trips, like we can't bring him with, and we can't involve him, but I'm happy we still invited him."

She must really like kicking him out or something, because Simon's time in Hawaii ended when Farrah hauled his suitcase out to the trash. Subtle.


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