Protesters Storm Ryan Lochte on 'DWTS' -- Can We Agree This Is Getting Ridiculous?

Ryan Lochte Dancing with the Stars

We had a feeling that something was going to go down after six-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte (he of the notorious Rio robbery scandal fame) performed on Dancing With the Stars last night. But we thought it was going to be a lot of snark from bloggers and a ton of misguided, illiterate Internet commenters spewing vile hatred. Instead, a group of people at the live taping crashed the dance floor just to protest Ryan, and it was completely ridiculous, of course.


For starters, the way the media and general public has called for Ryan's head over the past several weeks is a scary example of mob mentality at its worst. We can't focus this kind of energy on the problems of the world that need it; no, that's simply not as fun or easy.

So anyway, back to last night's DWTS: If you were watching the live broadcast, you saw that judge Carrie Ann Inaba was giving her critique to Ryan and his pro partner Cheryl Burke when suddenly a bunch of noise from the crowd started overpowering her. The cameras stayed on Inaba, so we didn't really get to see what happened, but per People, two dudes wearing anti-Lochte shirts had stormed the floor and begun yelling. Security moved in quickly to handle it, and the show cut to a commercial break. Apparently a group of women in similar shirts began booing afterward until they, too, were removed from the taping. 

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Great way to get their message across. Crashing a glitzy reality show dance competition and freaking out a bunch of people who were there to have a good time. 

Ryan handled it like a good sport, though he was clearly shaken, as was Cheryl. After the show came back from commercials, Ryan said he was "a little hurt." Well, yeah, we would imagine so. 

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Is it still considered cool to completely bash Ryan and try to tear down his entire life and career, or have people moved on yet? Because apparently in this world, it's one strike and you're out. You make a mistake -- no matter what that mistake is -- and you're toast. You deserve nothing less than to be verbally and emotionally eviscerated.

Mob mentality is one of the scariest things out there. Can we just leave Ryan alone at this point? He screwed up big-time in Rio, especially as he was supposed to be a role model, and he endured a massive firestorm of hate as a result. He's learned his lesson. Time to move on.


Image via Derek Storm/Splash News

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