Catelynn Baltierra Kicks Pot to the Curb as She Enters Rehab

Holy turmoil, Teen Mom OG fans! On Monday night's episode of the show, all four girls had some pretty major things going on in their lives, and we were along for the ride. Amber Portwood was reunited with an old friend, Maci Bookout moved (again), Farrah Abraham kicked Simon to the curb (again), and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra's tearful goodbye as she entered rehab was enough to have us reaching for the tissues.


Catelynn's struggle with postpartum depression has been well documented this season, along with her addiction to smoking weed. She finally decided to enter a facility to cope with her drug addiction along with anxiety and depression, but man, was it tough to get to that place.

Cate broke down in tears over how much she loves her daughter Nova and how she wants to be a good role model for her, but what really got us was when Ty started shedding the tears. He knows she needs helps, and wants her to get it, but he's going to miss her too. It was a really sweet and sad moment, and we may or may not have shed a tear along with them.

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Amber Portwood celebrated her 26th birthday, and we got all kinds of nervous when her fiancé Matt Baier decided to throw her a surprise party. But he may know her better than we thought, because she totally dug it, once she got over the shock.

He even invited one particularly special guest -- Amber's cellmate from prison. Amber did 18 months in jail a few years ago as part of a plea for various drug convictions, and she's turned her life around since getting out.

It's been a tough road, and Amber was overwhelmed to see her old bunkmate. She announced to the crowd, "And we're actually the only two out of our friends who have made it and haven't went back in." Way to go, Amber! We know it's been hard, but girlfriend has kept it on the straight and narrow. Brava.

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Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have been counting down to baby number three, with two major milestones this week. They moved to a bigger home for the second time in a year, and Tay got another tattoo in honor of his latest kid.

Even though Maverick was still in utero at the time, Taylor got his name inked on his arm right next to Bentley and Jayde's, so there was no turning back on the name at that point! Maci pointed out that they'd had the blood test, so they were 100 percent sure it was a boy. We kind of wonder if they would've stuck with Mav even if it had been a girl though. That could be cool.

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And remember that time when Farrah Abraham wondered why all the water in the ocean stayed in the ocean instead of flying off into space, because surely water is heavier than gravity? Because that happened on Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG. She pondered, "You know what I wonder? If the earth is a circle, how does the water always stay? Gravity? But the water is a little bit more heavier than gravity."

Unfortunately, being aware of how gravity works seemed to be the least of Farrah's problems this week. After last week's spat with Simon at the Easter party, she inexplicably invited him to her extended family vacation in Hawaii. Where she promptly threw him out. Again. Hopefully this time it sticks.


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