13 TV Dads We'd Love to Raise Kids With

Michele Marin | Sep 25, 2016 TV

When a man encompasses charm, loyalty, and a sense of humor, and he can problem-solve in under 23 minutes, we can't help but feel our ovaries twinge. Enter the TV Dad. Quirky, funny, and at times even sexy, some of the most popular dads on TV are totally irresistible — so much so, in fact, we wouldn't mind having a baby with them! 

Here's a look at modern TV dads that would make pretty good baby daddies. Who do you see yourself pushing the baby carriage with?


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  • Ned Stark: 'Game of Thrones'


    Ahhh, the honorable lord, the dedicated father who taught his kids everything they need to know. Yes, he met his demise. But if we were in Westeros, we'd want him to father our children. This dad even let his daughter take sword-fighting lessons.

    Baby Daddy Type: Hero Dad

  • Phil Dunphy: 'Modern Family'

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    He doesn't "Parent," he "Peer-ents." If you saw the episode in which Phil describes his parenting style, he pretty much sums it up with his quote, "Act like a parent, talk like a peer. I call it 'peerenting." Rest assured, this modern dad would do anything for his family, while making us LOL.

    Baby Daddy Type: Man Child

  • Burt Hummel: 'Glee'

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    We want the father of our children to love his children unconditionally. That's just what Burt Hummel did on Glee. Initially, the mechanic struggled with his son Kurt's homosexuality, but not only did Burt overcome his concerns, he turned out to be Kurt's rock and biggest advocate, even busting out with his rendition of "All The Single Ladies." Here's to a loyal father!

    Baby Daddy Type: Accepting Dad

  • Tony Micelli: 'Who's The Boss'

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    We love a man who breaks the mold. When this former pro baseball player trades in his Brooklyn digs to be a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy ad exec because it's the best thing for his daughter, he had us at hello. Bonus points for being a father figure to Angela's son, and helping his daughter, Samantha, shop for her first bra.

    Baby Daddy Type: Hot Dad

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  • Andre 'Dre' Johnson: 'Black-ish'

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    Yes, he can be a little, how shall we say, helpless, at times, but one thing is for sure: Dre stops at nothing to make sure his wife and kids are taken care of. For example, when his family gets the flu, Dre runs a "Daddy Dre-Care," and realizes it's better for him to drop the helpless dad routine and rally for his family.

    Baby Daddy Type: Work in Progress

  • Cam: 'Modern Family'

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    Any dad that plays dress up with his daughter and creates backdrops for photo shoots just for fun is A-OK with us! We think Cam says it best when he describes himself like this: "I'm sort of like Costco. I'm big, I'm not fancy, and I dare you to not like me."

    Baby Daddy Type: Creative Dad

  • Eric Taylor: 'Friday Night Lights'

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    Not only is he an amazing father to Julie and Gracie, but he is a father figure to just about any teen who comes his way, complete with the motivational pep talk. If you really want your heart to melt, watch the episode where he lets baby Gracie feed him. Swoon.

    Baby Daddy Type: Stand-In Dad

  • Sandy Cohen: 'The OC'

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    Surfs? Check. Takes in troubled kids? Check. Gives out pretty good advice? Check. Not too bad to look at? Check. Yep, pretty good reasons why Sandy Cohen is on our list of TV dads we'd love to have a baby with. This lawyer isn't pretentious, and he doesn't squawk at taking his brood out among the "Newpsies." Not even the troubled kid from Chino, Ryan Atwood.

    Baby Daddy Type: Understated Dad

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  • Danny Tanner: 'Full House'

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    He may be a bit of a neat freak, but you have to hand it to him, Danny Tanner took on the task of raising his three daughters on his own and made it work. Sure, his father-daughter talks could get a little sappy, but nonetheless, he kind of was the perfect dad. And if Danny singing "My Girl" to daughter DJ doesn't bring a tear to your eye, we don't know what will.

    Baby Daddy Type: Rise-to-the-Occasion Dad

  • Louis Huang: 'Fresh Off the Boat'

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    Any dad who goes out of his way to make his son's first dance equivalant to something out of a John Hughes film is destined to get an A+.

    Baby Daddy Type: Nostalgic Dad

  • Tim Taylor: 'Home Improvement'

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    Who wouldn't love to have a baby with a man who can fix anything? Sometimes he overshoots his ability, but his well-meaning spirit puts him on the list. Even if he ends up blowing up a thing or two, his family comes first, and we see a deeper side of him when he chats up his neighbor, Wilson, over the fence. We love his motto: "MORE POWER!"

    Baby Daddy Type: Handy Dad

  • Phillip Banks: "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

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    Showing us that family is more than biological children, Uncle Phil took in his nephew and raised him as his own, along with his other children. Straitlaced and sometimes uptight, his heart was as big as his wallet. 

    Baby Daddy Type: Dutiful Dad

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  • Homer Simpson

    Image via Fox

    Okay, so he's inappropriate, and sometimes dysfunctional, but you have to admit, the guy is funny, and he loves his family dearly, even if at times it's hard to see that. If Homer Simpson is your baby daddy, there is definitely never going to be a dull moment!

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