Amanda Stanton Is Gearing Up for a Major Custody Battle

Ugh -- just when it seemed like everything was coming together for this lady! Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton's ex is suing her over custody of their two daughters, after she recently got engaged on the summer guilty pleasure Bachelor in Paradise.


Four days before Josh Murray's proposal to Amanda was aired on September 6, her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, filed court documents to adjust their legal custody schedule, as well as petition for a decrease in the support he pays for Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 2.

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Radar Online obtained the docs, which slammed Amanda for going on multiple reality shows, and he claimed she has "been scrutinized for how she has acted by hundreds of thousands of fans, and it has put my daughters in tons of media attention, which I believe is causing harm."

Nick also said that his ex's lifestyle has dramatically changed, which means a change in child support is in order. When they split, she reported an annual income of $100, but he believes she is now "making well over $20,000 to $30,000 per month."

Which of course means that the dreaded ex wants a reduction in the $2K a month he's been paying. He also was only supposed to have the girls 35 percent of the time, but says that now that Amanda is famous, he has them at least 50-50, and wants the court documents to reflect that.

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Okay, in all fairness, this seems pretty legit. If Amanda really is making that kind of money, then she really doesn't need the child support to provide adequately for her daughters. And it seems like the custody percentages will just be legalized to reflect what's actually happening. 

Whatever happens, we hope that Amanda and her ex can settle this quickly and amicably.


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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