Kailyn Lowry Takes a Vacation & Suddenly She's a Bad Mom

Doesn't Kail know that she's not allowed to have fun or have her own life now that she's a mom? Sheesh, that's Motherhood 101. Or something. Teen Mom 2 fans recently got upset at Kailyn Lowry's Hawaiian vacation -- because her two sons stayed back home on the mainland.


Kail and her friend Sierra Barnwell have been soaking up some rays in the Aloha State, while 5-year-old Isaac stayed with dad Jo Rivera, and 2-year-old Lincoln stayed with dad Javi Marroquin.

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Not exactly breaking news, except that some people felt the need to call Kailyn a bad mother for taking a vacation without her children. "How does she deserve a vacation? She doesn't work and has her kids part time," one person spat at her on Twitter. Another wrote, "When you're a parent, isn't having your kids with you a must?"

Kail wasn't about to take that lying down though, so she tweeted back, "Really? Cause I go to school full time and I've had my kids by myself for the past 6-7 months." She did indeed care for her boys single-handedly (with occasional help from Isaac's dad Jo) while Javi was deployed overseas in the Middle East.

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If anyone deserves a vacation, it's Kail! Not only was Javi gone for all that time, but they also went through a brutal breakup and divorce, complete with cheating allegations on both sides. It's been a helluva year for Kailyn -- she totally needed the break.

Besides, both of her boys have involved fathers in their lives. What's she supposed to do when they're with their dads? Sit at home alone and feel sorry for herself? Nope, not a chance.


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