Fans Claim Jenelle Evans Is Lying About Her Pregnancy

Of all the things to accuse Jenelle of, this one seems a little ridiculous. Some fans seem to believe that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is lying about her current pregnancy, and also lied about a previous miscarriage. According to commenters on the Internet (the source of all knowledge, of course), Jenelle's dates don't quite add up.


Jenelle is pregnant with her third child -- her first daughter, and first progeny with boyfriend David Eason. The two had a whirlwind romance that began shortly after her breakup with fiancé Nathan Griffith, so fans were a bit taken aback when she got pregnant after just a few months of dating.

Now some people are questioning the whole thing, especially since Jenelle admitted that she had a miscarriage in April, just before becoming pregnant with this baby in May.

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On September 6, Jenelle tweeted that she was 19 weeks, and one user replied, "if you're 19 weeks you couldn't have had a miscarriage the end of April you said you got pregnant a month later." Another chimed in, "The stories don't add up with pregnant not pregnant miscarriage plus her history of faking them."

Um, first of all, do we really have proof that Jenelle ever faked a miscarriage? Why would she even do that? Second, yes, it's totally possible to conceive within weeks of a miscarriage, and if Jenelle and David's daughter was conceived in the first week or so of May, the due date would be the last week of January. Science is hard, ya'll.

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Anyway, all Jenelle's dates seem to indicate is that she is one fertile mama. She seems happy now, and we wish her and David nothing but the best.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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