Farrah Abraham Won't Apologize for Calling Sophia 'Stupid' on Camera

She's said some pretty awful things over the years, but this might take the cake. On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham called her daughter Sophia "stupid," just because she didn't want to get dressed up and dragged to another one of her mom's events.


The 7-year-old was complaining of not feeling well, but Farrah insisted that she get out of bed and get ready for the Easter party they were to attend. While dragging Soph out of bed and pushing her up the stairs, Farrah said, "I don't know why Sophia needs to act like a heathen, get up there."

She then told the camera (out of her daughter's presence, praise the Lord), "Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It's not my issue right now."

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Uh, it kind of is your issue, Mom. Farrah's own mom, Debra Danielsen, stepped in and tried to point out that Sophia was sick, and maybe, just maybe, she shouldn't be so hard on her, but Farrah was having none of that. She told Deb, "I gave her medicine, I already did that stuff. It's ridiculous how she's acting. Between the two of you I don't know what's more irritating."

We know what's the most irritating! And it isn't Sophia or Debra. Just saying. Anyway, Farrah tried to excuse her name-calling to Radar Online, saying, "I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid. I keep it real. I'm not allowing my daughter to be spoiled or not responsible for her actions."

Sorry, but there's a big difference between holding your kids accountable and calling them names. It's possible that she sensed that her answer left a lot to be desired, because the 25-year-old then launched into blaming MTV and her own parents.

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Farrah claimed, "It's difficult with grandparents and cameras around for my daughter. My daughter is very bright and wonderful and I keep it real on Teen Mom OG with real feelings and thoughts in my everyday life."

Is it disconcerting to anyone else that she thinks of her daughter as stupid every day? All we can hope is that with the number of therapists that Farrah has seen over the years, she gets Soph in to see one too. Looks like that little girl is going to need it.


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