Catelynn Baltierra Gets Caught Breaking the Law on Camera

Hey, everyone screws up every once in a while, right? Such was the case on this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, in which Catelynn Baltierra smoked pot while driving.


The Teen Mom OG star has been open about her weed habit this season, and in a recent episode she even admitted to Dr. Drew that she was smoking daily to deal with her anxiety and postpartum depression.

But things went a little far on Monday's episode, when Cate and her mom appeared to get high in the car while she was driving. Ty called Cate on the phone and asked, "Where's the roaches at?" and after that, Cate's mom April appeared to be lighting something up before Cate threw a sweater over the camera in the car.

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We still had audio though, and could hear April declaring, "We're going to boogie town," as well as a lighter, and Catelynn coughing. Since MTV is notorious for creative editing, we so wanted to believe that editing was the case ... but Catelynn came forward and admitted her mistake.

She tweeted, "I always admit when I screw up, I'm a human being & deserve all the respect AND criticism that comes along with it." She also said that while she's a legal medical user of the drug these days, that wasn't the case when the scene was filmed.

Cate confessed, "Yes I was 100% wrong for medicating while driving. That was before I got my card & know better now." Ty also chimed in on social media, defending himself with, "Weed is definitely legal in MI. I should know, because I don't break the law ... I follow it respectfully."

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Here's to hoping that Cate learned her lesson, and isn't putting herself or others in danger by driving high anymore. We're just glad nothing terrible happened. It could have been a lot worse than getting called out by fans on the Internet.


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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