Tyler Baltierra Calls Out MTV for Faking Yet Another Scene

Uh-oh. MTV is once again being accused of faking scenes for Teen Mom OG, and this time, it's one of the stars calling the network out. Tyler Baltierra slammed MTV on Twitter for faking a scene, and the most bizarre part is that we can't even figure out why they would do so.


A few weeks ago, fans were upset that MTV allegedly faked the scene in which Maci Bookout found out she was pregnant with her third child.They filmed her taking a home pregnancy test, but she had previously stated in an interview that she found out she was expecting in a doctor's office.

Anyway, it wasn't really anything significant in Tyler's case -- but it goes to show that MTV isn't unwilling to cut a scene however they like. In this weeks's episode, Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra and Ty celebrated Easter with their daughter Nova.

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There was a hilarious scene in which Ty's dad Butch dressed up as the Easter Bunny, but put his pants on backwards so that the tail was in the front ... not exactly looking like a tail. Cate laughed along with the rest of the adults over the faux pas ... but there was one big problem with the scene. Catelynn wasn't there when it actually happened.


A fan tweeted about the scene, and Cate responded that she wasn't even present for it. She was in rehab for postpartum depression at the time, but for some reason, MTV cut it to make it look like she was part of the festivities.

Her hubby Ty confirmed, saying that he had taken pictures for her to share with her when he visited her at the facility.

He also called himself a "pawn" for ratings.

At the end of the day, though, the Baltierras didn't seem too perturbed by the situation. When someone griped that they shouldn't be complaining, Ty responded, "Oh I'm not complaining lol I signed up for this!"

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All's well that ends well? We're glad that Cate and Ty don't seem too upset over it, and at the end of the day, it's a good reminder that not everything you see on reality TV is 100 percent accurate. Watch it with a grain of salt, people.


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