The 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season Finale Brings So Many Proposals We Lost Count

The Bachelor in Paradise finale is here, which means summer is officially over. It's a huge bummer, but it had to end sometime -- and the season 3 finale was actually awesome. It included some breakups, but it also included more proposals than any other finale before. Some of our faves are getting hitched! 


Unfortunately, Jen and Nick weren't long for this world -- but duh, we knew that, since he's the next Bachelor (yay!). But this season's most surprising couple, Carly and Evan, are officially planning to get hitched, and we kind of love it. Okay, so they're weird, but it definitely works. 

And in news that absolutely everybody saw coming, Josh and Amanda are engaged, and so are Grant and Lace. And it's a good thing, too, now that they have those matching tattoos. 

There were a lot of tears and a lot of really sweet moments, but mostly, what we really loved was Jorge's speech about making lemonade from lemons. Beyonce would be so proud!

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Nothing was shocking on BiP, but we're sad to see it go. At least there are tons of weddings in our future ... and hopefully, some of them will be televised. 

Besides, now that BiP is out of the way, that only means one thing: Bachelor is up next! We can't wait to see Nick do his thing come January. It's going to be amazing! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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