JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Will Appear on 'Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After'

It's only been about a month since The Bachelorette wrapped for the season, but we're already missing seeing JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers on our TVs every week. If you're feeling the same way, we have good news for you: They're coming back! JoJo and Jordan are slated to appear on Ben Higgins's reality show ... we just don't know how yet.


According to E! News, JoJo and Jordan are one of the surviving couples that the Bachelor franchise has tapped to join Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After when it premieres on Freeform this fall. There's no word in what capacity these two will be on the show, but E! did refer to it as a "special guest appearance," which means it's probably a one-time thing.

We get that ABC wants to bring in other Bach alums to spice up the show, but are JoJo and Jordan the best picks? We're scratching our heads at this one. It totally has the potential to be awkward, no matter how you spin it.

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Think about it: JoJo was so in love with Ben and then so heartbroken by him that she mentioned him multiple times on The Bachelorette this season. Now she and her new fiancé are going to go hang out with her ex and his fiancée? No sane person would ever sign up for that -- unless there was cash involved!

Whether it's a double date or a quick stop by their house, we're looking forward to seeing JoJo and Jordan again. And who knows? Maybe these four will actually be able to become friends!


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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