Catelynn Baltierra Explains the New Restrictions on Her Relationship With Carly

Since Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra made the difficult decision to place their first daughter, Carly, for adoption on 16 and Pregnant, their relationship with her and her adopted parents, Brandon and Teresa, has been a little rocky. And now, because of how much Cate and Tyler are in the spotlight, that relationship is changing again. Recently, Catelynn cleared up the new restrictions from Carly's parents, and it sounds like it's definitely been an adjustment for her.


If you caught the last episode of Teen Mom OG, you already know that Carly's mom asked that her conversations with Catelynn remain private and that she not share the details of them with the world. It's coming from a place of concern for Carly's safety now that she's getting older, but Catelynn and Tyler were both still hurt. 

And now, in a new interview with MTV, Catelynn is talking about exactly how these changes have made her feel. 

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She said:

I think it's difficult learning how to navigate what I'm saying around the cameras when it comes to Theresa and our relationship. I know that I'm allowed to say some things, but not really talk in too much detail ... I don't want to damage the relationship any further.

But that doesn't meant that Cate and Tyler can't talk about Carly at all; they just can't get into the specifics.

"Once we spoke with Brandon and Teresa and realized that we could talk about our relationship and our adoption, just not the specific and intimate things she shares with me," Catelynn added. "We're okay with that." 

It's good to hear that she, Tyler, and Carly's parents were able to reach an agreement. Carly's a lucky kid to have two caring birth parents in her life as an extended support system. Hopefully, their relationship will stay awesome for years to come! 


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