Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra's Relationship With Their Daughter Carly Is in Jeopardy

We love this show for the drama, and this week, Teen Mom OG did not disappoint. Amber Portwood and her fiancé embarked on a new adventure, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney got some surprising news about their pregnancy, and Farrah Abraham was practically demure on camera. But the biggest OMG situation on the show was the fragile relationship between Tyler and Catleynn Baltierra and Brandon and Teresa Davis, the adoptive parents of their daughter Carly.


Ty and Cate have enjoyed an open adoption with the Davises, after choosing adoption for their firstborn when they got pregnant at 16. In the early days of the show, MTV cameras came along to film their annual get-togethers, but as Carly has gotten older, her parents have opted to keep her life more private.

At the beginning of Sunday night's episode, Cate got a phone call from Teresa, which took place off camera. She later explained that Teresa was concerned that even though MTV wasn't filming her anymore, she didn't even want to be discussed on the show. We're seriously hoping that she consented to make an exception for this episode, since it's basically all Cate and Ty talked about the entire time.

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Catelynn was all set to completely respect Brandon and Teresa's boundaries, and explained that MTV would never come between her and Carly's continued relationship. On the other hand, Ty said he wouldn't stop talking about his daughter, because he's unwilling to stop telling his story, and Carly is a big part of that.

He also reflected that it would be on Brandon and Teresa to explain to their daughter why she couldn't see her bio parents anymore. He said, "If that happens, I'm not gonna have to deal with the hurt and pain. They're gonna have to look at their daughter, and look at the hurt and pain in her eyes and explain to her why she's hurting. I will never silence what I have to say, and what I feel, and my opinion. It won't happen."

We just hope it won't come to that! There has to be a happy medium, right?

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor were still reeling from the news that Jayde's going to be a big sister, and went to the doc to get checked out and see how far along Maci was. A whopping 21 weeks! They also found out they're having a boy, which totally made big brother Bentley's day.

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After Maci shared with Ryan and his parents that she's pregnant again, Ry's dad got super emotional, and thanked his awesome wife for being such a saint, and taking care of all of them for so many years. Hopefully they'll get Ryan out of the house someday and get to enjoy some empty-nest time. Bentley did invite Ry to move in with them, so long as he brought his Legos, so at least there's that backup plan.

Amber Portwood was still a little shaky from last week's episode, when it was discovered that her fiancé Matt Baier flirted online with both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans before contacting Amber. Even though Ambs decided to call off the wedding (for now), Matt made it up to her by buying her a gorgeous new ring, and taking her to visit his cousin Michael.

The visit went well, and Amber remained by her man's side. She shared, "I don't love him for his past, I love him for who he is today. It's hard for people to comprehend that when all of his crazy exes are coming out with these insane stories."

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And then there was Farrah Abraham, who thankfully didn't have to have a colonoscopy! We can't rejoice enough over that, as we're sure the over-sharer would've gotten way TMI about the procedure. We did get to hear her mom Debra Danielsen talk about ass explosions though, so we didn't get completely off the TMI hook!

Sophia's mom got surprisingly real though while visiting Daddy Derek's grave. Soph's dad, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident before she was born, and Farrah has made an effort to stay in touch with his family so they can know his daughter. After the visit, Farrah confessed to her mom, "It was one of our best visits out there. This is what I would have been doing if I wasn't me right now. I would have been hopefully married with Derek, with Sophia. All I wanted to do was own my own restaurant and live here."

Her life has definitely gone on a different course, but it was touching to see her wish for a simpler life.


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