'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Ashley Iaconetti Is the Next Challenge for 'Million Dollar Matchmaker'

We're loving that Ashley Iaconetti is back on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but we hate that she hasn't yet found her prince charming. Obviously, it's not going to be Jared Haibon, so who is it? It seems that Ashley has called in the big guns, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy! Ashley appeared on Million Dollar Matchmaker, and Patti Stanger is not taking this job lightly. 


And according to Patti, the first thing Ashley has to do if she wants to find love is to remove Jared from her life completely -- starting with social media. And since Ashley is friends with Jared aside from having a crush on him, this step was extra difficult for her to take. 

Out came her trademark tears, but honestly, could you blame her? This is tough stuff!

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"I feel like I'm doing something against my will to be honest," Ashley said. "I'm getting pretty mad. I didn't think it would get to this level." 

And that's when Patti had to pull out her signature tough love. With a raised voice, some brutal honesty, and whole lot of f-bombs, she tried to explain to Ashley that if Jared is going to lead her on like this and take up her time without a commitment, he doesn't deserve to be her friend. She might actually have a point! 

It's yet to be seen if Ashley will take Patti's advice or not, but we're rooting for her. We want her to find the love of her life. She's waited long enough!


Image via ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

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