JoJo Fletcher's Friends Don't Seem to Be Jordan Rodgers's Biggest Fans

Since JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers took their relationship public after The Bachelorette, they've been one of the cutest couples on Instagram. But the rumor mill hasn't been kind to the pair, and the latest totally has the potential to ruin things for them. Word on the street is that JoJo's friends want her to dump Jordan.


We had our doubts about them, but they do seem to be settling into real life together pretty flawlessly, and no one can argue that they make a gorgeous couple. But apparently, some of the most important people in JoJo's life don't exactly agree.

According to what a source close to the situation tells Us Weekly, her pals can see heartbreak in JoJo's future and want her to cut things off before she invests any more of herself in their relationship. 

"Friends and family are urging her to dump Jordan," the source told the mag. "They don't want to see her get hurt or embarrassed any more than she already is."

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Yikes! Okay, so there have definitely been red flags here and there -- like the drama Jordan's ex Brittany Farrar has been stirring up -- but why not leave them alone to figure things out for themselves? If JoJo eventually ends things, it needs to be her decision, not anyone else's.

Besides, we'll be so sad if they decide to split! Now that they're living together, seeing glimpses of their daily lives has been so much fun. We're crossing our fingers they make it down the aisle -- and that JoJo's friends can support her! 


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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