Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Bought Her Own Engagement Ring

We were a bit taken aback this week on Teen Mom OG when one of the girls purchased her own engagement ring for her on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend. Now Farrah Abraham has opened up on why she bought her own engagement ring, and the current state of her relationship with Simon Saran.


Sophia's mom opened up to MTV about the infamous engagement ring, and explained that she made the purchase in large part because of Sophia. While on vacation with her daughter, Farrah said that they were pursuing a jewelry store when Soph encouraged her to buy the bling.

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"She was like, 'You should get an engagement ring,' and so she wanted to help me pick that out," Farrah explained. She also said that she got Simon on the phone, and he seemed totally on board. He even negotiated a great price with the jewelry shop owner!


Ugh, it's all kinds of messed up that Simon told her to go ahead and buy the 14-carat diamond ring, and then never pay her back or even really acknowledge it. On Monday night's show, Farrah confessed that she had even hidden the ring, because she didn't know what to do with it.

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In another interview since the Teen Mom OG premiere was filmed, Farrah made it very clear that she and Simon are not together anymore. She told Us Weekly that she and Simon weren't "connected," and that he had done a lot of things to "hurt and frustrate" her.

She added, "I mean I have been through a lot of s--t relationships, so I just add another layer to my cake, really."

I think it's safe to say Farrah and Simon are officially over.


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