Amber Portwood's Fiancé Could Be in for a Dramatic TV Confrontation

The last several months have been nothing if not totally turbulent for Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matt Baier. Between the news of his seven children from different mothers and the fact that he hit on basically every other Teen Mom star on Twitter before settling down with Amber, it's been rough. And now, it sounds like Matt's ex wants to confront him on the next Teen Mom reunion.


According to a report from Radar Online, one of Matt's baby mamas, Kelli Maguire Nunn, has cooked up an idea to come face to face with Matt on camera so he's finally forced to own up to his bad decisions. 

"All of the women should go on the reunion show, and demand he take a DNA test," Kelli told the site. "He can't deny science!" 

Okay, but how crazy would it be if all of Matt's former loves appeared to take Maury-style DNA tests with Dr. Drew at the helm? It would totally never happen, but it would be kind of awesome if it did. Teen Mom reunions are already super dramatic, so this one would be off the charts.

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Kelli also added that watching Matt on Teen Mom OG has been really weird for her, and she definitely doesn't have good things to say about him after he left her high and dry almost 10 years ago. 

"Everyone knows now he's a sleazy guy, that he isn't honest," Kelli said. "There's something wrong with him." 

It's yet to be determined if MTV will actually listen to Kelli's pleas, but we'll be interested to see how this story unfolds on the show this season. Amber's already pretty upset about everything Matt's hidden from her -- can their relationship even be repaired at this point?! 


Image via MTV

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