Mackenzie Douthit Shares Sweet Photos of Baby Broncs

Since Mackenzie Douthit welcomed her third child, Broncs, earlier this month, she seems to have been one stressed out mom. And who wouldn't be, with a newborn in the NICU?! But it looks like things are getting better for her little one, and now, we have the pictures to prove it. Mackenzie posted new photos of Broncs this week -- and a happier update.


Over the weekend, Mackenzie shared a photo of her and her husband, Josh, with Broncs, explaining everything that happened with his birth, and it sounds pretty scary! As the former Teen Mom 3 star tells it, she was rushed into the operating room for a C-section as soon as she arrived at the hospital and it took four days before she was actually able to hold her baby. That's so heartbreaking! 

But it does seem like things are definitely improving with her baby boy, and hopefully, he'll be home where he belongs soon! 

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On Sunday, Mackenzie shared another photo, this time the first family picture of Mackenzie, Josh, and all three of their kids all together. How precious is this?!

What a beautiful moment. Our first family picture together and we are complete� #themckees @joshmckee28

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It's good to hear a positive update about Broncs. Fingers crossed that more are coming. After everything Mackenzie has been through, we know she wants that baby healthy and happy ASAP! 


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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