Farrah Abraham Explains Why She May Need to Homeschool Sophia

Farrah Abraham has definitely made some questionable parenting choices since she welcomed her daughter in the world seven years ago, but her latest has a lot of Teen Mom fans scratching their heads. Apparently, Farrah wants to homeschool Sophia to protect her from her classmates' jealousy. What?!


In a new interview with People, Farrah revealed that she's concerned Sophia's peers are going to want to knock her down a few pegs by the time she hits high school. In Farrah's proud mom eyes, Sophia's future is crazy bright, and by the time she's a teenager, she'll be the envy of everyone at school.

Here's what Farrah told the magazine: 

Right now, with how she's going and how successful she is and how much the parents love her and how the kids wish they had her life, I am truthfully like, 'Oh my God, she is going to experience more jealousy than I ever encountered when she's in high school.' I'm thinking maybe I should do homeschooling when she gets to a certain age because I know she's going to be so smart –- and she's gorgeous, she's everything I could have ever asked for in a child –- and getting through that when you're in high school just means drama with everyone. I just want her to be able to be happy and focus.

Oh, brother. 

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Don't get us wrong -- Sophia's an awesome kid. But we think Farrah might be overreaching just a little bit on this one. Who's to say that Sophia will be famous by the time she's a high school freshman? Teen Mom might not even be a thing by then. So maybe Farrah should play it by ear.

Plus, there's something to be said for Sophia learning from adversity, even if the kids are jealous of her. Farrah may not be the most gracious person all the time, but there's still hope for Sophia yet! You know, just as long as her mom doesn't shield her from the evils in the world.

Regardless of what happens, something tells us Sophia will be just fine. And if not? It sounds like her mom is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her world is a happy place!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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