One 'Bachelor in Paradise' Guy Deals With Major Heartbreak

When Ashley Iaconetti arrived in paradise last week, nothing on Bachelor in Paradise was the same -- and in the best way possible. We missed that girl! But as heartbroken as she was, Monday night's episode brought something unexpected for the object of her affection, Jared: a little heartbreak of his own.


Ashley may not have caught Jared's eye, but Caila Quinn sure did when she arrived in paradise, and the two of them hit it off immediately. Cue Ashley crying over Jared not choosing her -- again. We felt so bad for her, but it's good that Jared and Caila had a connection, right? Umm, maybe not. 

Because just as soon as they seemed solid as a couple, Brett Melnick arrived as part of this week's new crop of guys, and Caila wasted no time ditching Jared to go on a booze cruise with him. Jared proceeded to spend the rest of the day totally miserable, and we couldn't help but revel in it. Yeah, that sucks, but seeing as he's the one who's been breaking all the hearts, it was kind of vindicating that he got a taste of what being on the other side was like.

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Fortunately for Jared, though, his heartache was short-lived. Caila had the worst time on her date (because who actually enjoys an awkward drunken lap dance?) and they lived happily ever after.  

But there's no guarantee that they'll last, because this is paradise and literally anything can happen ... and has, which was proven by Izzy and Vinnie's unexpected breakup. Is it Tuesday yet?! We need to know what happens next!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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