From Spin-Offs to Sequels, 16 New TV Shows That Aren't Exactly New at All

Hollywood looooooves to recycle great stories or revive beloved characters for second, third, or fourteenth editions on the big screen. But this fall's TV lineup will have even the most jaded Hollywood execs saying, "Remakes and reboots and spin-offs, oh my!" Inspired by beloved kids' movies, genre-defining film classics, shows that went off the air decades ago, and stories we've seen done a million times (a million different ways) -- the new shows for this fall and winter (or midseason, as they like to say in TV land) look mighty familiar. They might even give you a case of deja-view. Wink.


That's okay, though, because when autumn rolls around and we're trying our best to settle into the back-to-school routine, nothing comforts us quite like nostalgia. And these shows are sentimental treats with a hint of throwback mixed in, topped with a bittersweet nostalgia glaze. Why not indulge? After all, everything old is new again.


Image via Gorobets/Shutterstock

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