Jordan Rodgers's Ex Will Stop at Nothing to Totally Ruin Him

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher might be living happily ever after, but there's still someone out there trying to prove that the former NFL player is not who everyone thinks he is. Jordan's ex is still trying to take him down, and it doesn't seem like she's going down without a fight.


Last week, the ex in question, Brittany Farrar, shared a receipt from flowers Jordan sent another girl while they were dating, calling him a liar and a cheater. But now, the post has been taken down, but that definitely isn't going to stop Brittany. 

Over the weekend, Brittany shared another post on Instagram, with plenty of telltale hashtags that suggest she's got more dirt on Jordan on the way, and she definitely doesn't seem happy that her messages keep getting deleted while she's trying to expose Jordan.

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So is this a case of a jealous, bitter ex, or is Brittany actually telling the truth? As an outsider, it's hard to say, but that isn't going to stop us from making popcorn and waiting for her next post! This is solid entertainment, guys. 

And for JoJo's sake, we really hope this stuff isn't true. It'd be heartbreaking for her to find out Jordan's not the person she thinks he is now that they're engaged and living together. She would be completely devastated! 

Time will tell, we guess. Meanwhile, we'll be over here, refreshing Brittany's Instagram. We need more dirt!



Image via jrodgers11/Instagram

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