JoJo Fletcher Might Be Headed for 'Dancing With the Stars'

If you're missing The Bacherlorette's JoJo Fletcher on your TV screen every week, we may have some good news for you! Reportedly, JoJo is joining Dancing With the Stars this season, so it may not be long before she's back in front of those ABC cameras again! 


According to what a source close to the show tells E! Online, JoJo is slated to compete on the upcoming season 23, and she'll be in pretty good company since Olympic gymnast -- and gold medalist! -- Simone Biles is also reported to be joining the cast this season!

It's not too surprising if JoJo is really on board for DWTS, since she's definitely not the first Bach alum to compete. Most recently, Chris Soules attempted to snag the mirror ball trophy, so if she needs any advice we have a feeling he'd be willing to oblige!

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We wonder how Jordan feels about this, especially since he and JoJo just moved in together and started their lives as a couple in public? DWTS didn't exactly do Chris Soules any favors in his relationship with Whitney Bischoff. 

No official confirmation has come through yet, but we have a feeling it's only a matter of time. Fingers crossed JoJo lets us know what's going on soon. She'd look amazing in those sparkly costumes! 

Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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