Amber Portwood Talks Life, Family & Feeling 'So Old' Now

Amber Portwood

Millions of viewers have watched Amber Portwood since her journey began on 16 and Pregnant, when she started out as a teenage mother trying to navigate her way through her new life. Now, as the 26-year-old Indiana native is helping her daughter get settled into second grade (!), she says she feels "so old." Can you believe it? Amber has come a long way since her early days on the hit MTV docuseries, and we here at CafeMom got to have a chat with the reality star about life, work, her daughter, and what we can expect on the sixth season of Teen Mom OG, which kicks off August 22.

So, what was all that about the young mama feeling old? Well, Amber's 7-year-old daughter, Leah, recently started the school year, and Amber says that taking her to class got her feeling some emotions. She explained, "[Leah's] excited to see her friends again. ... She's one of those kids that just loves school, so I got blessed with that. ... The first day I walked her to class it was so sad -- I feel so old now!"
We had to assure her, of course, that that was nonsense. But for someone still so young, Amber has had a ton on her plate. From dealing with addiction, jail time, and custody battles, the Never Too Late author has seen her fair share of drama. And for many seasons, Teen Mom viewers have been there along the way for the journey. Luckily, as Amber reveals, this upcoming season should find our girl dealing with perhaps a little less commotion this time around. "I wanted to be on the back burner," she said of the new episodes. "I didn't want to have so much drama this year, but of course there was a little bit. But hopefully you'll see me just kind of kicking back relaxing this year, and having a good time with life -- moving into my new house I just bought, flipping houses, dealing with the joint custody with Leah and how good it's going [or] how bad it's going."
Sounds interesting for sure. Among various other projects, Amber bought her fourth house that she's flipping with fiancé Matt Baier, and she says things are going great. Wedding plans are on hold for a bit while she deals with her packed schedule for now, and in the meantime, Amber says she's beyond grateful for the love and support of fans. "I feel so thankful for the fans that I have; they're open-minded, special people that really care. They've stuck by me."
And as for little Leah? We asked Mom what she's proudest of her mini-me for, and we loved her answer: "How smart she is, for sure. ... I mean, she's so smart it's just ridiculous. I love it and I'm so proud of her. She's such a well-rounded little girl. I really got lucky with her, I did."
So lovely. Sounds to us like things are on the right track for this not-old-at-all mama. "Life is going pretty good," she says. "We deal with what we deal with and we move forward; it's the only way I know how it works."
Well said, girl.
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