'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Amanda Stanton's Toddler Daughter Was Hospitalized

There's nothing scarier for a mom than when your baby is in the hospital. Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton knows that firsthand, as her daughter was hospitalized this week.


Amanda shared some snaps on social media of her 2-year-old daughter Charlie in a hospital room, hooked up to monitors and oxygen tubes. Although she didn't share what exactly happened, fans suspect that it was due to complications from the toddler's asthma.

Thankfully, the mom of two (she also has 3-year-old daughter Kinsley) says Charlie is doing much better, and even shared a series of videos on Snapchat of her eating cheerios and playing with her toys. She captioned one of them, "When you can finally eat after 32 hours."

Poor baby! She must've been in pretty bad shape if she couldn't eat for that long.

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Amanda also posted a photo to Twitter of her little girl in her hospital crib, and revealed that she slept with her in it the night before. We don't blame her one bit for squeezing in next to her baby!

She also shared an update with fans that Charlie is doing "a lot better."

Hopefully she's already out of the hospital and on the mend by now!



Image via amanda_stanton/Instagram

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