Andi Dorfman Is Planning a Second Book That Sounds Juicier Than the First

Since Josh Murray arrived in Mexico earlier this season, Andi Dorfman's tell-all, It's Not Okay, has been the talk of Bachelor in Paradise. The things she wrote about Josh's emotional abuse have come up so many times that it's created a lot of buzz around Andi's book, so should we be surprised that a sequel is in the works? Yep, Andi is writing a second book, and it sounds like it'll be just as juicy as the first! 


While talking to Life & Style recently, Andi revealed her latest project, and she has promised that it will for sure act as a follow-up to her debut book. 

"Book number two is definitely a sequel," Andi told the magazine. "You thought dating 25 guys on reality TV was dramatic, dating in New York is insane!" 

Since this book will focus on her life now, we're not sure if we'll get more behind the scenes Bachelor and Bachelorette info. But we're still interested in who Andi's been dating, especially since she's been keeping it quiet on social media! 

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Andi didn't drop any other details, like when we can expect to see her new book in stores, but we have a feeling it's only a matter of time before we get all the info. Now that everyone's talking about her first book thanks to BIP, it sounds like this girl is going to strike while the iron is still hot! 

Maybe she'll discuss how she feels seeing her ex on TV all over again and hearing him call her a liar, like, once a week? If it were us, we would be fuming. We have no idea how she hasn't lost it by now! 

Here's hoping a release date is coming our way soon. We need to know when to clear our weekend! 

Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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