Ashley Iaconetti Is Finally Back on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Guys, Bachelor in Paradise finally gave us the moment we've all been waiting for on Tuesday night's episode. Ashley Iaconetti has officially arrived in Mexico, and her return was everything we've ever dreamed it would be, tears and all. 


First things first: Ashley is still a virgin, and she's still in love with Jared. Of course, Jared now has a thing for Caila, so it makes sense that Ashley spent most of her first episode crying. Can you blame her, though? She was heartbroken on national television! That has to suck. 

And as if things couldn't get any worse from her, Daniel cornered her for a one-on-one date, where he slobbered all over her once he found out she still hasn't had sex with anyone. He kept talking about how he wanted to deflower her. "Deflower." That's the exact word he used. Um, no thanks.

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And of course the drama with Jared also led to drama with Caila. Apparently, Ashley and Caila were friends before the show, and Caila had made it sound to Ashley like not only was she not going on BIP, but she also had no interest in Jared whatsoever. Ouch!  

It wouldn't be paradise without some drama, and now, we definitely have it. Ashley promised she'd only cry three times this season, and she's already maxed out on that. She cries all the time, but she's still our favorite. And now, paradise is about to be so much better since she's here!


Image via ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

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