Leah Messer Accused of Bad Parenting After Aleeah's Dentist Visit

She can't seem to catch a break! Leah Messer was accused of shoddy parenting yet again this week, after she took her daughter Aleeah Grace to the dentist. Sheesh, you wouldn't think a mom could be judged for taking care of her child's dental health, but somehow people found a way.


On Monday, the Teen Mom 2 star shared on Twitter that she was taking Gracie to the dentist, and asked for prayers. Shortly after, she posted a pic on Instagram of her newly gap-toothed kiddo, explaining that she'd had to have two teeth pulled. Poor baby!

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Apparently Gracie's teeth were infected and were pulled so as not to damage her permanent adult teeth. Seems pretty routine in the scheme of things, if a little scary for the brave little patient and her mama, yet some of the commenters slammed her for the dental work.

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Apparently Leah is a negligent mother who does nothing but let her kids eat sugar all day. Of course people started mentioning the episode of the show last season when Leah's younger daughter Addie was caught on camera eating the contents of a sugar packet. Because sugar, obviously.

Leah got an unexpected ally, however, when her costar Chelsea Houska's dad chimed in on Twitter. Randy Houska is a dentist, and he reassured fans that this is completely and totally normal, and he's even removed some of his own kids' and grandkids' baby teeth.

Way to go Papa Randy! Leah responded on Twitter, "Her teeth are great! I pay not mind to #ignorance ... Funny they happen to be so quick to judge." Good for Leah not letting the haters get her down. People really should think of better things to do with their time.


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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