Jeremy Calvert Reportedly Thinks 'Teen Mom' Ruined His Life

MTV's method of editing has come under fire recently, especially by the stars of Teen Mom 2. And now, yet another one is coming forward to talk about how the show has had a negative impact on him. Leah Messer's ex, Jeremy Calvert, says Teen Mom 2 ruined his life


Over the weekend, Jeremy went off on Instagram in a pretty serious rant against gossip sites that have been spreading rumors about him and his relationship with Brooke Wehr, and this dad definitely isn't pleased. He also talked about how much he hates Teen Mom, and we've never been more convinced he's really quitting the show this time. 

Unfortunately, Jeremy has now made his Instagram private, so you can't read his rants firsthand. But supposedly Jeremy wrote, "The BS has completely ruined my life. I was doing just fine before I knew what the f*ck the show was, and truthfully, I wish I'd never become a part of it." 


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Jeremy also took the opportunity to defend Brooke, saying that they share each other's passwords to their social media accounts and that he does eventually plan to marry her, especially since she gets along so well with Addie.

As much as he hates Teen Mom 2, we're glad to hear that he's focusing on the positives -- like his daughter and his awesome relationship. Here's hoping things get better for him soon!


Image via MTV

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