'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Has Found True Love So Maybe There's Hope for the Rest of Us

After his performance on The Bachelor, we had our doubts that Juan Pablo Galavis would ever find love. But once again, he's managed to surprise us! Believe it or not, Juan Pablo has a girlfriend, and she's hot!


According to People, JP has been dating Venezuelan TV host Osmariel Villalobos over the past few months, and he seems pretty psyched about their relationship. As Juan Pablo tells it, their love story began when he found her Instagram account after a friend showed him a photo of her and fell in love at first click. 

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He told the mag: 

I thought [her photo] was cute, so I commented on her Instagram. She replied to me, and then I wrote to her on private message. We talked about her nephew, and she said that she was spoiling him! We exchanged numbers and then we started texting each other. And it started that way. 

Aww! Sweet story! 

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Needless to say, once the two finally met in person they hit it off and have been living happily ever after ever since. Juan Pablo says that Osmariel gets along great with his daughter, Camila, so if she ends up joining their family, it sounds like it'll be smooth sailing. 

Juan Pablo added, "She cares for people. She's very family-oriented. That was important to me. We have a lot in common." 

There's just one problem: Juan Pablo says she's the female version of him. Um, is that even possible? Can the world handle two Juan Pablos? Guess we're going to find out! 

The important message here is that JP has found love, and if he can do it, any of us can -- with or without Chris Harrison's help. Congrats, you two!


Image via osmariel/Instagram

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