Mackenzie Douthit Gives Birth: Family Asks for Prayers as Baby Is in the NICU

Mackenzie Douthit's Baby in NICUFamily members are asking for prayers for this Teen Mom 3 star. Mackenzie Douthit welcomed her third child, son Broncs, but the little guy is in the NICU for at least the next few days. Understandably, mom, dad, and grandmom are all concerned and hoping for the best.   


Douthit, a type 1 diabetic, knew her delivery would have its complications but she probably didn’t expect this outcome. Her mom, Angela Douthit, has been posting updates and requesting that her daughter and grandson remain at the forefront of everyone's minds and prayers. 


Mackenzie knew her baby would be a big fella, and as expected, Broncs entered the world at a hearty 10 lbs. 1 oz., so, hopefully, he’s got that in his favor.  

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This poor mama. It has to be so upsetting to be trying to recover and worrying about the health of your newborn at the same time. 


Not to mention, Douthit has two other kids at home to take care of. Broncs joins his a big brother, Gannon, 4, and a sister, Jaxie, 2. 

The reality star revealed that baby Broncs would be her last and that she'd intended to have her tubes tied following her C-section. We wonder if she went through with it. Sometimes cradling a newborn in your arms can make you decide that you're not really "closed for business" after all. 

We wish this young mom and her growing family good health and a quick recovery. We hope to see pictures of this new addition with his siblings safe at home soon!


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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