Farrah Abraham Talks Life, Work & What She's Proudest of Sophia For

Farrah Abraham

There are few things that satiate angry Internet commenters' desire to viciously tear into controversial celebs more than the topic of Teen Mom's notorious Farrah Abraham. But when it all comes down to it -- behind any problematic quotes, blaring headlines, and reality TV showdowns -- Farrah is a mom who's getting ready to send her daughter back to school after a fun and eventful summer, all the while enthusiastically juggling her various business ventures. We recently got to have a nice chat with the 25-year-old star about life, love, work, her daughter, and what we can expect when Teen Mom OG returns to MTV for its sixth season on August 22.

In the upcoming season of the hit docuseries -- which launched her from an unknown Nebraska teen to a tabloid fixture -- Farrah says that fans will be able to relate to her and her story line. Now, now, before you scoff, hear her out first: "You really get to very much relate to the relationship that I've had with Simon." (That would be Simon Saran, with whom Farrah has been involved in what she calls a "complicated" relationship.) She revealed, "I have to say, it's very hard as a single parent to continue dating someone long-term and not get the progress you want and what you want out of the relationship. I think it's super relatable."
Sounds like a fair point. In the meantime, Farrah says she's happily keeping busy with her various projects. There's the frozen yogurt shop, Froco, which she recently opened in Lakeway, Texas. On the horizon, Farrah says there's a furniture store (Furnished by Farrah) and a children's boutique that she's pouring her all into. "That's just what I've been eating and breathing daily, it seems like ... I'm just designing, planning, ordering -- you name it, I do it," she says. "So that's just been a lot of work, but I'm excited I get to wake up early and stay up until 2 in the morning doing stuff that I love."
Sounds pretty good to us. Farrah also explains that despite her reality show background, people along the way have been taking her professionally and seriously as an entrepreneur. As she puts it, "I know what I'm doing. I embrace the challenge." She notes that there's an "amazing, growing community that embraces entrepreneurs" in Austin, Texas. "This why I live here," she says, "that's why I love it, so it was just a win-win and a fit for me."
So far so good! Yeah, yeah, Farrah has made some questionable decisions and said some side-eye-worthy things -- and no, she is certainly not perfect -- but we're happy to see that she's got some pretty cool stuff going on. She said she's excited about growing her portfolio, and she's in complete and utter awe of her daughter, Sophia, 7. "I was looking at [Sophia] yesterday and I'm just like ..." she says in amazement, after we asked her what she's proudest of her little girl for. "I am just so proud and lucky as a parent -- how did I get such a smart, beautiful, all-around great child? I'm just proud of Sophia for being her ... I'm just very proud of who she is, who she's become, and I just want to be supportive however I can." 
Love it. Say what you will about Farrah, but it sounds like she's not letting any of the negative press or the outraged, expletive-hurling Internet commenters get her down or stop her from seeking out new adventures that interest her. Let the girl live!
Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News
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