'Bachelor in Paradise' Shakes Things Up With Their Newest Cast Member

After getting ousted in favor of JoJo Fletcher for this year's Bachelorette, we thought we'd never see Caila Quinn on another one of the franchise's shows ... but we were wrong! On Monday night's episode, Caila joined Bachelor in Paradise, and started a whole bunch of drama without even trying.


When Caila appeared on the beach with date card in hand, she caught every guy's attention immediately. Seriously, none of them could stop staring, even the ones who were already dating other women! But even though Caila could have basically had anyone in paradise she wanted, there was only one guy she was into: Jared. 

Yes, the same Jared who Emily has fallen head over heels for. And unfortunately, he wasted exactly zero seconds saying yes to her date proposition. Poor twin! 

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It was heartbreaking to see Emily so sad about losing out on this one ... but also hard to feel bad for her since she's still a baby. Girl, you have so much time to find Mr. Right! Besides, she's gorgeous. We don't doubt the guys will be falling all over her when she eventually gets home from this mess. 

And even though Jared and Caila were kinda cute riding horses ... was it just us or is their relationship already kind of boring? Don't get us wrong -- they're both beautiful and it's sweet they've found each other. But where is the fire?! 

We'll tell you: Ashley Iaconetti is bringing it. She'll be here next episode, and it's going to be epic. We seriously can't wait. Watch out, Caila! You have no idea who you're dealing with.

Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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