Leah Messer Gets an Unexpected Reaction After Showing Off Her Stretch Marks

She has been rocking it lately! Leah Messer recently shared a photo of her stomach on Instagram, and by not even trying to hide her stretch marks, she ended up sending a big old FU to anyone who would dare shame a mom for the audacity to embrace her own beautiful body.


The Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram to share a picture of her naked midsection, and comment that she decided to take her belly button ring out. Most of the comments that ensued were pretty awesome, which restores our faith in humanity at least a little bit.

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Although she didn't even mention the stretch marks, that's what got the most attention in the comments, and they were surprisingly really positive. 

One person wrote, "Glad to see that you post a tummy with your post babies stretch marks! Us mothers have to embrace the marks!" Another chimed in, "You rock!! Love that you aren't afraid to show off your tiger stripes." Someone cheered her on with a simple, "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

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Dang straight. Leah looks awesome, and for Pete's sake, why shouldn't she show off the body that housed three babies, including twins? We are loving that she's proud of her body, and treating her stretch marks like they're NBD ... because they really aren't.


Image via leahdawn92MTV/Instagram

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