Javi Marroquin Is Already Dating Again & DGAF What Kailyn Lowry Thinks

It seems like it's been a hot minute since Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin announced their divorce, but it looks like both of them are clearly over it. Kail may or may not be dating, but if you follow her on social media, it seems pretty clear that she's loving the single life. And now, Javi has revealed that's he's dating again, and just in case you were wondering, he doesn't give a crap what Kail thinks of his love life.


In a recent interview with Radar Online, Javi let it drop that he's already moved on completely from Kail, even though he just got back from an overseas tour of duty for the air force a couple of weeks ago.

Not only has he already moved out and found his own place, but he also confessed that's he's actively dating and searching for love again. He told the gossip site, "I actually went on a date this past weekend. But right now we are just friends taking it slow. We both have a lot going on."

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Um, yeah. According to reports, he and Kail have already figured out child custody of Lincoln, so at least that's sorted out. But still, he's barely back in the states from being deployed, he just moved, and, oh yeah, he's ending a marriage. You could definitely say he's got some stuff going on!

Even so, he confessed that he loves "being in a relationship," and wants to do it again soon. "I love to love. I love sharing experiences with one person," he explained.

But he knows that it might not be so easy to find the right person now that he's a dad. He said, "I make sure I tell them right off the bat my situation. Obviously my choice of girls is different because I do have a son. So that's big for me."

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His potential partner may need to be okay with Linc, but at least she won't have to worry about what his ex thinks of her. While dishing about his love life, Javi said, "I don’t need to talk to Kail about that ... I'm Lincoln's dad. I'll know when the right time for him to meet a future partner will be. Same goes for Kail. I don't have a say when she introduces guys to him."

He added, "I would hope as his mother she would find a good guy and not someone with no future. I've made it a point to make sure both Isaac and Lincoln know what it's like to be a man that provides for his family. I would hope she finds someone the same."


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