Farrah Abraham Shades the Kardashians & Acts Like a Racist All at Once

It's the gift that keeps on giving. Farrah Abraham recently did an interview with Theo Vonn for the Allegedly podcast, and she dropped so many gems, it's hard to pinpoint the most jaw-dropping. Take this one for example -- Farrah said she'll let the Kardashians date black guys, because she's just not that into them.


So that happened. After the Teen Mom OG star dished about how she's not addicted to plastic surgery anymore and her 7-year-old daughter Sophia's future in the porn industry, she casually mentioned that she doesn't like dating black guys.

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She told the host that she doesn't have a "dream guy," and explained, "I'm always more attracted to white men. I'm not really into black guys -- I think that's more of a Kardashian thing."

Was she trying to throw shade at the Kardashians? Because all that happened was that Farrah came off sounding slightly racist. She's more than welcome to date whomever she wants, of course, but why make a declaration that you're into white guys over other races?

Why, Farrah, why?

But wait! There's more. She also said that celebrities are basically constantly pestering her to have sex with them for money. She keeps it classy though. "I've shunned a lot of that," she explained, "because I've always had boyfriends." Lucky gents.

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Farrah blames her erotic trilogy for the high level of interest in her lady bits. She shared, "It's not like regular-degular sh-t. Sometimes I'm, like, f–king bored! I wrote an erotic trilogy. Of course I entertain sex, love, money –- it all. Sometimes I'm in the grocery store and I think of crazy-ass fantasies. That's just part of me."

Sure, Farrah. We're sure it has nothing to do with your porn video, Backdoor Teen Mom, or your line of sex toys modeled off your own special flower.


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