Adam Lind Supposedly Hasn't Seen Daughter Aubree in Weeks

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind has never been the kind of dad who is super involved with his kids, but we never thought he'd go MIA like this! Apparently there's a chance Adam hasn't seen Aubree in a month. We wonder what Chelsea Houska thinks about this?! 


Eyebrows were raised when Radar Online noted that Adam hasn't shared any photos of him and Aubree together since early July -- something that is very uncharacteristic of him, since he usually takes any chance to share his outings with Aubs on Instagram every single time he sees her. Hmmm. 

Reportedly the reason Adam has been so absent is because he's been whisking his new fiancée, Stasia Huber, all around the country to vacations and races, but letting his parenting duties fall by the wayside in the meantime. 

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Of course, the absence of Aubree from Adam's IG doesn't exactly mean that he hasn't seen her -- just that he isn't sharing photos of her like he normally does. Maybe between getting engaged and all this traveling, his focus isn't on snapping photos during the time he does get to spend with his firstborn. Just playing a little devil's advocate here!

But if Adam truly hasn't seen Aubree in that long, we can't imagine she or her mom are very happy about it. We don't always understand it, but Aubree can't get enough of her dad. If he's missing from her life, we're that much more thankful she has Cole DeBoer as a father figure to turn to and do fun things with.  

Whatever's really going on, we hope it isn't a sign that he's about to split. Chelsea's life might be better without him, but Aubree would be so devastated!


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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